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Some guiding units may not be lucky enough to have their posessions under one roof, relying on Leaders and helpers to store items in their own house, garage or outbuildings. Or maybe you are lucky enough to own specialised equipment such as computers or specialist activity equipment. If that is the case, the all risks product may be more suitable. It offers broader and even more flexible options than the contents and/or equipment product, with a range of further options which include:

- Cover for equipment loaned out to other guiding units or Scout Groups.
- European cover as standard on all equipment.
- Option for covering audio visual and specialised equipment
- Option for covering items hired or loaned out to Schools, youth clubs etc.,
- Short period option for items which you may hire in for camps, fetes etc.,

Basis of cover

With few exceptions, cover is based on replacement or repair of the lost or damaged item to a condition equal to, but not better than, its condition when new. In many cases, insurers will source and arrange for delivery of a replacement for the lost goods, at their expense, saving you the bother of getting quotes and arranging for purchase.

Applying for cover

Please complete the relevant proposal form and return it to Unity Insurance Services at the address provided.

Do not send any payments at that stage. We will send you a formal quotation and offer of cover and, if this is acceptable to you, please send the payment in good time for the cover commencement date. Upon receipt, we will issue the certificate of insurance and policy document.

In some cases, you may find that much of your equipment can be insured more cost effectively under the Contents/Equipment cover product. To help you decide, see the additional information headed ‘Which to choose – Contents/Equipment or All Risks’ on our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

Cover is subject to some common sense warranty protection conditions. Please make sure that you have read these.