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Buildings, Contents and Equipment

Q. What should I consider, when taking out insurance for our Girlguiding Unit’s property and equipment?
A. To help you through the process, click here for the main things you should consider, when taking out an insurance policy for your property and equipment.

Q. My building does not meet the protection requirements. Does that mean I can’t insure it?
A. Not necessarily. You should discuss options with your personal Account Handler.

Q. My building has been damaged. Do I have to wait for approval before arranging repairs?

A. Generally, yes, but if delaying repairs could lead to further damage, you may arrange for immediate ‘first aid’ repairs at the insurers expense.

Q. We want to let a playgroup use our building. Would this affect our insurance cover?

A. No. See the information published under the ‘Useful Information’ section of this web site.

Q. My building is left unoccupied over the holidays. What steps should I take to secure the building?
A. From our experience buildings left unoccupied can be a target for vandalism over the holidays. However, click here for some straightforward steps you can take to reduce the risks.

Q. We have some very old bell tents which are in excellent condition, but which are no longer manufactured. Does that mean that we can’t insure them?
A. No, you should insure them at a value equivalent to the nearest suitable alternative, such as a patrol tent.

Q. We had a patrol tent destroyed by fire, and would like to replace it with two or three smaller tents to the same value. Is this allowed?

A. You are insuring the actual patrol tent, not its monetary value so the answer is, strictly, no. However, your personal Account Handler would be happy to discuss your requirements with insurers and arrangements can usually be made.