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Whilst many homeowner insurances will cover certain items of personal effects carried by family members, there are usually limitations. Typically, cover will exclude personal effects whilst unattended. So, personal items left by guides in tents whilst at camp, would not be insured.

Even a humble pair of trainers may cost a Leader or guide’s parent a significant amount and Unity Insurance Services has experience of such items being stolen.

For these reasons, we offer an excellent product designed to cover all members of the unit, whilst attending guiding events, including weekly meetings and camps. Features include:

- Individual cover limits (allowing for claims from several members during the period)
- Wide definition of ‘personal effects’ includes baggage and sports/activity equipment
- Cover includes organised travel to/from activities
- When added to any building, contents and/or equipment or all risks policy, the personal effects product costs just £30.00 per unit, per year.
- A short period option is available.

Applying for cover

Please complete the relevant proposal form and return it to Unity Insurance Services at the address provided.

Do not send any payments at that stage. We will send you a formal quotation and offer of cover and, if this is acceptable to you, please send the payment in good time for the cover commencement date.

Upon receipt, we will issue the certificate of insurance and policy document.