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Unity Insurance Services has created a no nonsense answer to insuring shops and depot operations in the United Kingdom. With our years of experience in this field, we understand the risks faced and have tailored a flexible, simple, policy to cover:

• Stock whilst in store, in transit and on sale
• Transport receptacles (eg plastic crates)
• Display equipment, shelving and stands
• Tills and credit card machines
• Money

At Unity Insurance Services, we know that depots may operate in fixed locations, but that sales may also take place in temporary venues from time to time. For these reasons cover includes:

• Cover for up to £2,000 or 10% of the stock sum insured (whichever is the greater) for stock in transit by any means
• Temporary relocation anywhere in the United Kingdom
• A 10% above sum insured allowance to cater for a temporary increase in stock holding (for example, following a delivery of replacement/new stock)
• Loss of money whilst unattended at point of sale
• Loss of money in transit and whilst in a private residence

Getting covered
Simply complete the proposal form and send it to Unity Insurance Services. In most cases, cover can be arranged immediately.

Unity Insurance Services's dedicated depot/shop insurance is designed to meet the needs of most depot and shop operators, but we appreciate that, sometimes, you may have additional needs or require specific additions or extensions. Whatever the problem, we can provide a cost effective solution. Contact Unity Insurance Services. We will be delighted to negotiate with the underwriters on your behalf.

The cover limits are calculated to cater for most small and medium sized depots. Larger depots may require higher limits and these can be arranged. Just tell Unity Insurance Services what you need.